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Dear Colleagues,


We would like to draw your attention on the following partner search:


Project title

Ground for Engagement in Environment and Nature for Youth – GREEN4Youth

Call for proposal

ERASMUS + KA2 Capacity Building in the field of youth - 2015 - Round 1

Project objectives

GREEN4Youth will provide fundamental knowledge and training, but also practical activities on different environmental issues to persons interested in new educational tools for youth and peers in the field of sustainability and preventive care measures towards the Nature. Constant remark will be made on the importance of the youth engagement through voluntary activities.

Information about lead partner

FORMAT Formazione Tecnica s.c. A r.l.

Searched partners

Looking for partners of different entity (public and private bodies, associations, Municipalities,...) being set in one of the :

- Programme Countries

- Neighbouring Partner Countries

- Andorra or Switzerland


The partner has to work with youth and be keen/interested in activities of environmental care (prevention or intervention).  


23/03/2015 – 12am CET

Contact details:

Cristina Cipriani -


Thank you in advance for circulating this information among your local and regional stakeholders and potential partners.


Kind regards,





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