Cultural Heritage – Project proposal


The University of Northampton (UK) and University College Leuven-Limburg (BE) have both recently undertaken national projects in the field of Cultural Heritage. Learning about cultural heritage can be strongly integrated with ICT and multimedia. UCLL implemented teaching and learning with the PDA and i-phone to create whispering stories about local Cultural Heritage.

Cultural Heritage and through it, place attachment, are some of the key drivers in forming community identity and community cohesion. The key challenge in teaching and learning about Cultural Heritage is to continue to tell the story of local sites in an interesting and innovative way that embraces cultural diversity and different perspectives and at the same time challenges inbuilt prejudices and misconceptions.

Through collaboration of students and staff from history, education, teacher training and media with local school children (primary education), teachers and members of the wider community:

  • Create a Heritage Trail as a special learning and teaching tool;

  • Develop the existing technology to explore moving images and augmented

    reality and add android capability;

  • Extend the geographical reach by adding substantially more sites to cover the cultural quarter in local regions;

  • Develop and enhance new educational tools for teaching practice which will be transferable to other programmes

    The University of Northampton and UCLL are looking for international partners to form a multidisciplinary team to submit a European project proposal within the Erasmus+ Call (deadline 31 march 2015) to create a European dimension for teaching and learning about Cultural Heritage.

    Contact: Ryan Titley, European Investment Manager, Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership: